Dominican Republic Mission Trip 2018

Dominican Republic Mission Trip March 2018
Posted on 05/30/2018
Faculty and Students Who WentThis year Lake Center Christian School  high school students participated in our 10th Dominican Republic Missions Trip (DR) with Meeting God in Missions.  Twenty-six students and staff participated in this year’s trip.  The trip provided practical application of principles learned in the Service and Missions class, and provided the students with a once in a lifetime third-world experience.

 In the DR, the team focused on the needs of Haitian migrants working in the massive sugar cane fields that dominate the Dominican landscape.  Our focus this year was on a little village of about seventy five shacks called Margarita. This is our third year of partnership with this village where we have repaired roofing, painted and repaired one of the village churches and promoted a gardening effort.

The interpersonal connection we make with folks in the village is amazing. Our students spend hours each day walking, talking, and playing with the children of the village.   A major component of our outreach is daily VBS with the younger children. You should hear the singing and laughter, and there is so much motion going on you can’t help but join in the jumping and dancing. We always present the Gospel of Christ and lead the children in prayer.

Our final outreach effort is to lovingly provide each home with basic food staples like rice, beans, vegetable oil, sugar and corn meal. With the help of the local pastor and leaders, we go house to house and give a hefty bag of food to each. With each bag we give we remind them of the love of Christ by saying “Jesus loves you.” There are always lots of tears on both sides as we share with our brothers and sisters.

The following are some testimonies from the team members this year:
“We are having a blast! We are doing great things down here with the children and building projects. We are really starting to build great relationships together as a group and we will continue to have a blast spreading the Word of God together. I believe we are truly making a difference and will continue to make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others! We are seeing God work His ways in our lives. We can’t wait to see what else God has in store for us.” Matti
“The singing was my favorite part. The passion these people have for the Lord is so evident in their worship. They just adore Him when they sing. Many times throughout the service they say “glory to God.” Seeing how people of foreign countries praise and adore God always challenges me to strengthen my relationship with God.” Brianna
“Today a couple of the students went around the village of Margarita with Mrs. Knori on a prayer walk while the others stayed with the kids. We met many people, all who needed prayer. Many of the prayer requests were for their family or for their health. One woman was getting surgery soon and needed prayer and I got to pray for her. Praying for another culture made me nervous at first because I didn’t want to say anything that would offend them, but as I went I realized that the people here appreciate any and every prayer. It was an eye opening experience to see the people up close and to see their homes. It gave us a new perspective and appreciation for what we have. The prayer walk was definitely life changing.” Ali
“All throughout the week we learned that in the Dominican Republic they are very passionate about their worship but in the church they really did worship. They didn’t have the best musical talents but they didn’t care. They just sang out to God and really loved to worship and be in His presence.   At this church they preached about how special each and everyone of us is. He also talked about how we didn’t choose to go to the Dominican Republic but God wanted us all to go there for a specific reason.” Payton
“Despite the fact that they have almost nothing and live in extreme poverty, they have secured their joy in Jesus Christ and that was a privilege to see. They know Jesus loves them and will provide for them no matter what. In Philippians 4:4 we are told to “Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice.” The people of the Dominican did just that. What a great reminder of what life looks like when you have so much life, passion, and joy in Christ. Even though we were there to bless them, I think we can all agree they blessed us more.” Eliz 

Thanks to all who prayed for us and supported us financially on this trip. Pray that the footprint we left for Christ will produce life change in the folks in Margarita. Pray also that the impact on our students will continue to fan their passion for Christ and His Kingdom into flame. 
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